Experience Management  

Challenge the Customer Experience Status Quo

We exist to help you improve your customers’ experiences. At VDS, we believe in challenging the customer experience status quo through user-friendly, customer-focused solutions, and we will come alongside you to create a customer experience management strategy to see your goals come to fruition.

What is Experience Management?

Through Experience Management (XM), you can holistically take control of your customer experiences. The ultimate end result is meeting or exceeding your customer expectations, which has a direct, positive correlation with your organization’s bottom line.

Experience Management is done by:

  • Understanding the customer
  • Assessing current state
  • Defining a desired future state
  • Implementing process change and new technology solutions
  • Monitoring every interaction to find ways to improve. 

Experience Management requires you to have detailed knowledge about your customers — who they are, their communication preferences, their view on your company’s current customer experience, their product and service expectations — and use that information to manage customer interactions across each touchpoint and deliver a personalized experience.

Our Approach

At VDS, we take an “outside in” approach to develop and execute a customer experience (CX) strategy for you. We start with your customer and then assess your current state. Once those initial steps are done, we listen to your desired future state and work alongside your leadership team to create a comprehensive, unified, and differentiating CX strategy. VDS will help you use customer insights, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and new technology solutions to better understand your customer’s journey in order to optimize the entire experience.

Experience Management with VDS yields:

  • A 360-degree view of your customer
  • B2C or B2B interactions based on customers’ perspectives and expectations
  • Increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, leading to a reduction in customer churn and number of detractors
  • Experiences that instill trust in your brand and differentiate your company in the market
  • A unified approach resulting in a consistent experience across all channels

The Benefits to You

When your company invests in nurturing the customer experience, awareness of your customers’ preferences will improve your business-to-customer interactions, your customers’ brand impressions, and ultimately, your business. And because your CX strategy will be unified and span across your entire organization, your customer experience management platform will encourage company collaboration, alignment, and standardized metrics to measure your progress.

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