Business Continuity

Business Continuity Plans

A business continuity plan is a critical component to any cloud contact center initiative. Companies with business continuity plans and with digitally transformed solutions are able to continue business and scale up or down contact center resources during times of disaster or emergency.

VDS can help you implement a cloud contact center solution.

A cloud contact center allows you to have a business continuity plan, so you are ready for the next disaster or emergency. Having your system and data in the cloud, instead of on-premise, helps ensure you can recover quickly from a natural disaster, power failure, or other unexpected event, giving you peace of mind and affording your organization the opportunity to:

  • Improve your bottom line and better monitor and prevent revenue loss
  • Add digital channels to meet customer expectations
  • Have agents work from home without disruption
  • Deploy virtual agents for redundant tasks
  • Scale up to accommodate an anticipated or unexpected surge in activity and then scale down when the additional capacity is no longer needed
  • Evolve and take advantage of future innovations

To read more on business continuity, see our blog post.

How It Works


  • Define Business Outcomes & Future Goals
  • Interview Key Stakeholders & Business Groups
  • Formal Executive Report Out

Design / Implement

  • Focused on Defined Goals and Objectives
  • Managed Timelines and Milestones
  • Training and Enablement

Support / Success

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Managed Services
  • Quarterly Business Reviews

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