Chimene Ross talks about how Killer Brownie’s came to be, how to craft the world’s most delightful experiences, and how to stay focused on the customers’ experience.


✔️ We want customers to have a great eating experience, but our mission includes everything from concept to consumption.
✔️ It is really important to me that all of our customers believe that I am accessible and their business was still very important to us. It is important to me to have a pulse on what customers need and want
✔️ When you’re in a business, you can get in panic mode when something like a pandemic hits, but we continued to listen to what the customers needed and got the right products in front of them.

The book that has influenced Chimene the most in the past year:
✔️  Double Double by Cameron Herold

“She is has demonstrated all the qualities I admire and I believe are important in a strong leader. She’s had a strong vision. She has demonstrated customer-centricity. She has strong industry and business expertise. She is very transparent in her communications, and she trusts people in her organization to be leaders every day.”

Her note to all the customer service and experience professionals:
“Try to do more listening than you do talking. Really listen to what customers need. People will tell you what they need, even if they don’t use the words. Just listen, and try to accommodate their needs, as opposed to”.


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