Genesys is introducing a new way for businesses to access and utilize their suite of advanced AI solutions. Beginning May 2, 2024, the AI Experience is available through a token-based model, offering customers more flexibility in how they manage and allocate their use of predictive routing, predictive engagement, bot solutions, and agent assistance. This initiative is a response to the demand for a more adaptable and customer-friendly approach, allowing organizations to explore the full range of AI technologies with ease.

Transition from Old to New Model

Previously, customers could purchase Genesys’s AI products either as a bundle or individually, which often led to inflexible allocations. The new token system addresses this by enabling businesses to customize their usage:

  1. Simplified Allocation: Customers can purchase tokens that are usable across any combination of AI products.
  2. Customizable Use: Tokens can be adjusted to meet evolving business requirements, whether that means investing heavily in one AI solution or spreading tokens across multiple.
  3. Fair Use and Trials: Fair use tokens offer organizations the opportunity to test-drive the solutions before making significant financial commitments.

Key Program Details

Token System Mechanics:

  • The value of a single token is equivalent to $1. For example, purchasing 400,000 tokens equals $400,000.
  • Different AI solutions consume tokens differently. For instance:
    • Predictive Engagement uses 1 token for every 4000 events.
    • Predictive Routing consumes 1 token for every 17 routes.
    • Bots (Voice) require 1 token per 17 minutes.
    • Agent Assist (Omni) needs 25 tokens per named seat.

Currency Adaptation:

  • Token pricing is adjusted for various currencies to ease international adoption.

Monthly Allocation:

  • New Genesys Cloud customers receive a free monthly token allocation (250 for named users and 350 for concurrent) that can be distributed across any of the AI solutions.

Overage Management:

  • Any consumption above the allocated free tokens is billed as overage charges, making usage transparent and straightforward.

Discount Incentives:

  • Customers committing to consistent token usage receive discounts on their subscription.

Changes to Ordering and Selling

  1. Discontinuing Old Models:
    • The previous AI Experience Bundle and individual à la carte purchasing will no longer be available.
    • Existing customers with prior purchases will transition to the token model once their commitments expire.
  2. Quoting Process:
    • The new model is quoted in a streamlined fashion, allowing customers to focus on what matters most to their business.

Support and Assistance

  • VDS and Regional AI specialists are available to help clients understand and implement this new model.


With this innovative token-based approach, Genesys has transformed how businesses can access and integrate AI solutions. This shift grants organizations the flexibility to explore, customize, and scale their AI use, ensuring they can effectively meet evolving business challenges. The new AI Experience is set to redefine customer engagement and empower businesses to unlock the full potential of intelligent automation.