Genesys Cloud – May Release Highlights

Genesys introduced 31 new features and functionality enhancements in May. Here’s a quick rundown of the key updates:

General Updates

  1. Queue Segmentation of Canned Responses (May 27th)
    • Now, you can assign canned response libraries to specific queues, limiting the responses that appear on the interaction panel.
  2. Improved Interval Granularity for Ad-hoc Exports (May 20th)
    • Supervisors can select different interval lengths for a specific time period during ad-hoc exports.
  3. Real-time Alerts for Out-of-Adherence Status (May 6th)
    • Alerts are added for agents who exceed the duration thresholds for out-of-adherence status. This requires the Genesys Cloud CX 3 license or the WEM add-on.
  4. Architect Journey Flows for Bot and Digital (May 6th)
    • Use the Journey Flows tab in Architect to visualize the customer journey within a flow, enhancing the understanding of flow milestones and outcomes.
  5. Analytics Views Column Picker Improvements (May 6th)
    • Users can now order or reorder columns and group them by categories in analytics views.

Interaction Analysis Update

  1. Interaction Categories for Interaction Analysis (May 27th)
    • Gain deeper insights into conversations between customers and agents. Create category criteria using Boolean logic to categorize interactions based on whether the criteria are met. Examples include:
      • Finding interactions where product X is mentioned near the topic “Bad Experience” within 10 seconds.
      • Identifying interactions where the greeting topic was mentioned in the first 120 seconds.
    • Requires the Genesys Cloud CX 3 license or the WEM add-on.

Supervisor Updates

  1. Supervisor WEM Dashboard (May 27th)
    • A new dashboard provides supervisors with a centralized and prioritized view of important information. The initial release includes widgets for Adherence, Coaching and Learning, and Gamification Performance. This feature requires the Genesys Cloud CX 3 license or the WEM add-on.

For a complete list of the May release notes, visit this link.

You can also watch a video recap of the May release highlights below.