Genesys Cloud – June 2024 Release Highlights

Genesys introduced 30 new features and functionality enhancements in June.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key updates:

General Updates

VDS Top Three

    • Email Notifications for Expiring and Expired Scheduled Exports (June 3rd)
      • Users can receive daily emails about expired or soon-to-expire exports, with scheduled exports active for a maximum of 100 days.
    • Insights App for iOS (June 10th)
      • Supervisors can use the new Insights app to monitor queues and agents in real time while on the go. The app also allows for setting and receiving customized alerts directly on mobile devices.
    • Architect Journey Flows for Inbound and Secure Call Flows (June 3rd)
      • The new Journey Flows tab in Architect lets you see the customer journey within a flow, offering insights into customer interaction paths and identifying crucial moments in the journey.

    Release highlights for all license types

    • Expanded Campaign Rule Actions for Enhanced Automation (June 17th)
      • Administrators can now control Max Calls per agent, Campaign Weight, Number of Lines, and Compliance Abandon percentage using Campaign Rule actions, providing more granular control over outbound campaigns.
    • Direct Voicemail Non-ACD Call Transfer (June 10th)
      • Users can transfer calls directly to another user’s voicemail without alerting the intended Genesys Cloud user first, enabling better call management based on user availability.

    Release highlights for Genesys Cloud 2 and 3 license types

    • Reconnect and Reply to Closed Email (June 17th)
      • Agents can use the Reconnect conversation icon to reconnect and reply to previously closed email interactions, improving efficiency, continuity, and responsiveness in customer interactions.

    Release highlights for Genesys Cloud 3 license types

    • View Speech and Text Analytics Data for a Year at a Time (June 24th)
      • Users can view speech and text analytics data for up to one year in the Topic Trends, Agent Topics, and Queue Topics views.
    • Enhanced Dictionary Management (June 17th)
      • This update allows users to manually add words to the dictionary within the Speech and Text Analytics feature, increasing transcription accuracy for company-specific brands, terms, or acronyms.
    • Enhanced Employee Recognition for Improved Engagement (June 17th)
      • Supervisors can reward positive agent behavior and performance with personalized recognitions. Agents will receive banner notifications in their Activity view for any recognition they receive.

    For a detailed list of all June release notes, visit: Genesys Cloud June Release Notes. If you have any questions or want to discuss these features further, feel free to reach out.