From Legacy To Modern: Part 1

Delivering on the Productivity Promise of Skype for Business

This webinar is the first in a multi-part VDS Webinar series aimed at modernizing legacy communications systems. With many companies looking to gain efficiency, improve collaboration and accelerate business results, there is a demand to migrate from legacy PBX technology to new, modern communications platforms. VDS experience, along with that of our partners, is designed to make this transition smooth and, in a word, “effortless!”

This first webinar will look specifically at Skype for Business adoption trends, featuring industry expert and analyst Brent Kelly. From there, VDS Practice Lead Roy Brown will outline Best Practices to deliver organizational success in migrating from legacy systems, which includes a clear understanding of business use-case scenarios. In closing, we will focus on a specific use-case scenario, that of mobility within the retail, hospitality and healthcare vertical markets with VDS Partner Spectralink’s Martin Praest presenting.

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