Self Service

Self Service: Drive a new efficiency paradigm.

In the digital and experience economies, people expect self service. Getting access to services or answers to questions at the desired time is increasingly the baseline expectation. Beyond web self service, companies now must integrate those web engagements with the Contact Center to create a seamless journey.

Self-service interactions cost much less than live agent engagements, with cost savings approaching 10x. When organizations provide alternate self-service channels, they lower their agents cost trend while simultaneously increasing the value of an agent role by replacing remedial, simple tasks with more complex, brand-championing calls. And most importantly, alternate self-service channels reduce the customer effort and improve their experience.

Today’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions provide a range of touch points and tools for answering questions and communicating with large groups of customers. IVR provides a personal touch that is so critical to today’s customer experience goals.

Discover how self-service interactions compliment your existing web initiatives with:

  • Scheduled call backs
  • Self service in queue
  • Proactive outbound
  • Appointment tracking and reminders
  • Payment reminders
  • Disposable mobile apps

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