Contact Center Priorities For 2018

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What do contact centers want to achieve, and why do these goals matter?

An organization cannot account for all of the opportunities that may emerge in a year, and it cannot precisely predict when it will get to declare “mission accomplished” with regard to a customer experience initiative. It can, however, set fundamental goals. It can identify specific focuses that will remain important no matter which specific technologies or customer demands emerge within a given year.

Key Findings

The “frictionless revolution” will continue in 2018. Reducing customer effort ranks as the #1 customer experience priority for the coming year.
The “digital transformation” is rooted in customer centricity. Reducing customer effort, gaining customer insights and honoring channel preference are the  most popular reasons for embracing self-service and low-touch channels.

Voice, email and live chat are the most urgent channel-oriented investment priorities.

Driving the Digital Transformation

With a score of 4.22 on a score of 0-5 (0 = unimportant, 5 = extremely important), “reducing customer effort for informational/transactional matters” is the biggest focus for digital investments.

By identifying reducing customer effort, gaining customer insights and honoring customer channel preference as their key goals, organizations reveal that they are using digital technology to create value for customers. They want to create better, easier, more tailored experiences for customers.

Investment Priorities: Money Talks

Omnichannel Investments

[Businesses] must strive to deliver robust engagement experiences in all key channels.

By doing so, they guarantee their ability to create a seamless, effective experience wherever their customers choose to connect.

They guarantee their ability to deliver an omnichannel experience.

Voice, in fact, represents the #1 channel investment focus for 2018. Over 62% of businesses view live agent telephony as a priority for 2018.

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Other comparatively high-ranking channel investments include live chat (48%).

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[L]ow-effort experiences may wow customers by the simple virtue of being frictionless. Customers are used to encountering hardships and challenges in pursuit of resolutions; brands that eliminate those pain points may win legitimate enthusiasm and passion from customers.

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