The VDS Brand Promises


You want someone who breaks the mold of the same old, meaningless noise of empty promises. You want someone with a new, clear, and measurable approach to delivering their promises.

VDS can be your someone different. Below you’ll find:

  • VDS’ clearly articulated brand promises.
  • VDS’ measurable and published KPIs (which we like to call, “Kept Promise Indicators”).
  • VDS’ financially impactful Guarantees to ensure our brand promises.

Who else does that for you?

The VDS Brand Promises


Resellers that offer every solution under the sun are “a mile wide and an inch deep,” and simply aren’t able to deliver the insightful thought leadership of the VDS focused, subject-matter experts. In our core practice areas, we will deliver unmatched expertise.
We guarantee it!


Creating effortless interactions means VDS must move as you do, when you do. You need someone present, nimble, available, and easy to work with. You need someone responsive, and we are.
We guarantee it!

Peace of Mind

When you engage in a business relationship with VDS, you get peace of mind. Your project will come in on time and on budget, and you’ll receive the promised deliverables and results as promised when promised.
We guarantee it!

The VDS Kept Promise Indicators

The Expertise KPIs
  • VDS targets 100% of our delivery staff to be certified in their core technology(ies). On a monthly basis, we measure and report on our certifications held as a percentage of delivery staff.
  • VDS reinvests heavily in maintaining our industry leading expertise. We measure our average hours of educational investment per year. Our operational target is an average of 120 hours/delivery consultant/year in education.
The Responsiveness KPIs
  • VDS measures the average Speed-to-Answer VDS PRO Support calls from total calls per week. The measurement is from the time the call enters the VDS PRO Support Queue until it is answered. The VDS Operational goal is to be under 15 seconds.
  • VDS tracks our average time to close VDS PRO Support Code Red and High-Priority tickets for each week. Our service level objective for Code Red tickets is to close them within one business day. Our service level objective for High-Priority tickets is to close them within three business days.
The Peace-of-Mind KPIs

The VDS PRO Project Milestone 10/10/10 Credits/Month:

  • Against a VDS Operational Objective of 0%, VDS measures and publishes the percentage of VDS PRO Delivery Project Milestone credits as a percentage of total Milestone invoicing for a given calendar month.
  • Against a VDS Operational Objective of 0%, VDS measures and publishes the percentage of VDS PRO Support credits/customer as a percentage of all customers with VDS PRO Support Agreements for a given calendar month.

The VDS Brand Promise Guarantees

1. The VDS 10/10/10 Guarantee
  • A 10% credit of the monthly VDS PRO Support Contract will be issued if VDS PRO Support does not deliver service as promised, at Customer’s discretion.
  • A 10% credit of the next project milestone invoice will be issued if a VDS PRO Services engagement does not deliver the promised 1) Expertise, 2) Responsiveness or 3) Peace of Mind, at Customer’s discretion.
  • If three claims against this guarantee are made in a rolling 12-month period, the “Fixed Right” Guarantee is triggered.
2. The VDS "Fixed Right" Guarantee
  • If three 10/10/10 Claims are made in a 12-month period, the customer will have the option of terminating either one or both of their VDS PRO Support or Services Agreement.  For a VDS PRO Support Agreement, a refund of 50% of the remaining monthly amounts will be issued. For a VDS PRO Services Agreement, a credit of 100% of current milestone work performed will be issued.

Current KPI's

You deserve to know how well VDS keeps their brand promises. Check it out for yourself!

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