Baker Publishing Case Study


Customer: Baker Publishing

Industry: Publishing

Location: Ada, Michigan

Issue: Legacy phone system didn’t aligned with current technology standards

Vision: Baker wanted to be proactive and thoughtful in their new phone system choice instead of finding themselves in a pinch if their current phone system failed.

Results: Baker experienced a quick, effortless transition to their new system, leaving with one less thing to worry about in the future.


Creating Effortless Interactions with Forward-Thinking Technology

Baker Publishing had a fine working CS1K phone system; however, it did not align with the current technology trends of today. Baker recognized that change was coming whether they wanted it or not. They knew they would have to change eventually; the question was when. 

“Should we migrate to the cloud now, while the system is still working and we have time to make the right decision? Or should we wait until the system fails and we have to make a quick, hasty decision?”

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