Christine talks about how customer needs are constantly shifting, how to create the right framework to stay nimble, and how to focus on being customer-centric.


✔️ We have open communication to learn about the reason and the main drivers of why people were calling #Kroger. This allows us to continue to adapt our services to serve the needs of our customers.
✔️ We use techniques to go beyond what people tell us, and really observe them, and really understand more about their behavior

The people who have influenced Christine the most in the past year:
✔️  Jody Kalmbach

“She is has demonstrated all the qualities I admire and I believe are important in a strong leader. She’s had a strong vision. She has demonstrated customer-centricity. She has strong industry and business expertise. She is very transparent in her communications, and she trusts people in her organization to be leaders every day.”

Her note to all the customer service and experience professionals:
“Make sure the right metrics are in place to ensure you are measuring success based on customer experience.”


Nick Glimsdahl is a Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS. On this podcast, Nick interviews customer service and customer experience leaders to talk about their stories, best practices, and lessons they have learned along the way.

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