Jason explains how he got started in CX, how to have a pre-customer experience strategy, along with steps you should take, and specific roadblocks to watch out for in your strategy.


✔️ Get to know everyone in your organization Understand who your employees are, what they know, and what motivates them.

✔️ As a CX professional, you need to have a deep understanding of your organization.

It is important your team and leaders have a stake in the journey
✔️ To truly help your customers you need to factor in how that also helps your organization Bottom line

The people who have influenced Jason the most in the past year:
✔️ Annette Franz

✔️ James Dodkins

His note to all the customer service and experience professionals:
“Be kind, please rewind. You need to be kind to your customers, co-workers, and rewind each interaction to figure out what you could have done better.”


Nick Glimsdahl is a Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS. On this podcast, Nick interviews customer service and customer experience leaders to talk about their stories, best practices, and lessons they have learned along the way.

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