Roger talks about his book Friction. How to define Friction, examples of high effort, and describes why security is the biggest source of digital friction.

✔️ Your customers are comparing you to Amazon, not your competition
✔️ Jeff Bezos was talking about frictionless shopping in 1997! In 1998, he patented one-click ordering
✔️ FedEx insists that you interact with them by phone. If you start on twitter, they refer you to the 800 number

The book/person who has influenced Roger the most in the past year:
✔️ Safi Bahcall – Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries

His note to all the customer service and experience professionals:
“View your customer Journey through the eyes of someone experience that for the first time. It is a great way to see how frictionless your processes really are”


Nick Glimsdahl is a Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS. On this podcast, Nick interviews customer service and customer experience leaders to talk about their stories, best practices, and lessons they have learned along the way.

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