Dr. James Killian shares his horrible experience of buying a bike and talks through ways to close the experience gap.



✔️ The lowest common denominator in enhancing the customer experience is the connection to an employee.
✔️ I don’t think this company had malicious intent to ruin my experience, but they really haven’t thought about their customer experience.
✔️ If you are a billion-dollar company, don’t have a general mailbox that is full.

The book that has influenced James the most in the past year:

✔️ Brené Brown

His note to all the customer service and CX professionals:

“Please don’t forget that I am a person. I am not an interaction. I am not a transaction. I am not dollar bills. I am a human being. And I would really appreciate it if would treat me that way”


Nick Glimsdahl is a Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS. On this podcast, Nick interviews customer service and customer experience leaders to talk about their stories, best practices, and lessons they have learned along the way.


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