Our Approach

Our Process

Our service approach creates a holistic, yet flexible framework using three project lifecycle phases:

  1. Verify & Assess
  2. Design & Implement
  3. Support & Manage

You benefit from a reliable, structured process that allows you to entrust us with the entire project lifecycle, or select specific portions of the project lifecycle you wish to collaborate on.

“…now, after seeing these results, I have no doubt in my mind that we’ll get to the finish line.”

Senior Manager IT, Enterprise Retail Business

Verify & Assess

We will partner with your team to capture relevant details surrounding your existing communication technology, business communications processes, and the capabilities and capacities of your technology-focused employees.

During this phase, you’ll receive a report of business priorities, a gap analysis charting current state vs. future state, and a total cost of ownership with a proposed return on investment. We will collaborate with multiple members of your project, technology, and leadership teams to fully capture, document, and prioritize objectives relevant to the customer technology experience.

Design & Implement

During this phase, one of our PMI certified project managers will work in collaboration with our sales and product engineers to develop project scopes that align with your goals and resources. At this point, you’ll have the flexibility to execute your design independently, in partnership with us, or through another third-party firm. Deliverables during this phase may include:

– A full bill-of-materials
– A statement of work(s)
– A diagram of the proposed architecture
– A migration plan and a structured project plan

Support & Manage

With the demands of performing more with less, your team may be stretched to address peak workload challenges. At VDS, we offer many support and management options, each tailored to fit your short-term goals and ongoing business needs.

We’ll take your resources and capacity into consideration to construct a support and management plan that is built for value. Whether you need 24/7 monitoring or monthly maintenance checks, we can help you achieve the best results possible while maintaining your current team and resources.

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